The Prodigy: No Tourists review – Sinister techno for a new generation

No Tourists
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Artist: The Prodigy
Genre: Dance
Label: BMG Rights Management

While many of us have aged terribly in the 21 years since The Fat of the Land was released, whatever deal The Prodigy trio struck up with the devil in the early 1990s in exchange for making sinister and addictive techno that defined a generation, they show no signs of slowing down on their seventh album No Tourists.

Fuelled by fire and fury, industrial-heavy songs such as the title track and Resonate untap whatever pent up rage, turning abrasive paranoia into something worth dancing to.

Restless but political, they join forces with New Jersey hip-hop group Ho99o9 on the anarchic Fight Fire With Fire and opening track, Need Some1, rings like a tribal alarm, summoning lovers of sharp noise and adrenaline to awaken their inner party monster.

As one of this year's headliners at Electric Picnic, the urgency of Light Up The Sky stood strong alongside classics Smack My Bitch Up and Firestarter. Without trying to replicate the energy of their younger selves, they simply vibrate at a different frequency.


No Tourists snarls and spits the way an album from The Prodigy should sound, daring you to get involved instead of being a bystander.