The Impossible Gentlemen: Let’s Get Deluxe album review - earthy and unpredictable

Thu, Jun 30, 2016, 14:33


Let's Get Deluxe

The Impossible Gentlemen



Transatlantic “supergroup” (and regulars at the Sligo Jazz Project), the Impossible Gentlemen is an unusual, multigenerational project, driven compositionally by fast-rising British pianist Gwilym Simcock and guitarist Mike Walker, but powered by the redoubtable US rhythm section of bassist/producer Steve Rodby and drummer Adam Nussbaum.

The connections to classic US fusion groups, particularly those of guitarist Pat Metheny, are clearly audible – Rodby is a long-standing associate, and Simcock has recently begun touring with the great guitarist – but the presence of Nussbaum and the addition here of versatile saxophonist Iain Dixon lends their third release an earthiness and unpredictability often lacking in the highly polished world of jazz-rock.