The Bug: Angels & Devils

Fri, Sep 5, 2014, 00:00


Angels & Devils

The Bug

Ninja Tune


The title is apt: there are two sides to Kevin Martin’s latest run-out. In 2008, London Zoo caught him spitting fire and brimstone on a noisy, restless urban soundtrack where everything came at the listener at full volume. Here he keeps the intensity and zeal at a similar pelt for about half the album. But there are also more hazy, often eerily unsettling tracks that point to another hinterland for Martin’s work. The blissful reach of Void and the broody atmospheric pall of Pandi lull you into this world, before Martin heads back to the other, more aggressive side of the street. The One is a monstrous, wicked soundclash with Flowdan onboard; F*** You is aided and abetted by Warrior Queen’s snarl; and Function capitivates with its grimy punch and swagger. But it’s MC Ride from Death Grips who really kicks up some dirty with the ferocious F*** a Bitch. A powerful set of sounds all round. Download: Pandi, The One, Function