Suede: Bloodsports

Fri, Mar 15, 2013, 13:05






Eleven years on from their last release, Suede are clearly fighting for something here and they connect with a good few punches on this widescreen affair, which is full of trademark doomed romance numbers and an ambitious sound that frequently goes into lift-off. Barriers recalls the epic wildness of Dog Man Star , a propulsive rush of tangled emotions with literary allusions and some considerable bite. The highlight is the single, It Starts and Ends with You – a song that could have fallen off Suede’s 1993 debut album, all skewed power-pop with added lyrical menace. For the Strangers has a “round up the misfits” feel (familiar Suede territory) but is well executed. At times, towards the end of the album, they do lose a bit of their tight focus, but there’s enough here to convince listeners that Suede retain their bark and bite.
Download: For the Strangers, It Starts and Ends with You