Sorcha Richardson: First Prize Bravery review – A riveting debut

Singer’s stint in Brooklyn gave maturity shown in her melding of folk rock and pop

First Prize Bravery
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Artist: Sorcha Richardson
Genre: Alternative
Label: Faction Records

New York remains a powerful magnet for a musician. Ever since Bob Dylan relocated to Manhattan in 1961 to visit his idol Woody Guthrie and hone his songs in the clubs around Greenwich Village, the five boroughs have become one of the planet’s major incubators for talent from all over the world.

Dublin singer-songwriter Sorcha Richardson served a stint in Brooklyn before returning home to Ireland to prime her debut album, and consequently her song craft is far more advanced than your average troubadour or glorified busker. Opening with Honey, a startling reflection on the power of encountering love, Richardson lulls the listener into a captivating 10-song odyssey of impeccably crafted folk rock and pop with some fine electronic flourishes.

The title track also displays a wonderful ability to knock out an irresistible pop song tied up in a brilliant melody and delivered with a sweet, soothing and singular voice. On High in the Garden she revisits the bitter sweetness of summer.

False Alarm is another brilliant song with an arresting refrain; “it’s a dead end, it’s a death wish.”


Richardson creates a rich and unique soundscape for each of her songs to inhabit. First Prize Bravery is a riveting debut.