Seven Davis Jr: Universes | Album Review

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Artist: Seven Davis Jr
Genre: Dance
Label: Ninja Tune

LA-based producer Seven Davis Jr raises the funk banners at every juncture on a debut album that soars and swaggers with magical, mischievous, futuristic intent.

Whether he's teasing giddy glee out of stomping, gritty four-to-the-floor patterns on the playful Sunday Morning or finding his inner disco darling on the superb Freedom, Davis always looks onwards and upwards.

There are a slew of influences, from George Clinton and D’Angelo to early Chicago house and Prince (of course), making their presence felt, but Davis is also keen to push an agenda around the funk of the future.

Everybody Too Cool may well sound like the purple one jamming with Parliament, but the producer amps up the momentum to create a wicked wig-out. Good vibes for all.