Royal Blood soften their rough edges on How Did We Get So Dark?

Fri, Jun 16, 2017, 07:24


How Did We Get So Dark

) Royal Blood

Warner Bros


Ordained as the saviours of British rock (commercially if not creatively) Royal Blood’s sophomore release follows the same melodic, lyrically innocuous, riff-heavy course as their debut with any rough edges further softened to broaden their appeal. Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher’s bass and drums combo has its charms.

Like Muse without the histrionics, Lights Out and How Did We Get So Dark? showcase the duo’s airtight musicianship and knack for radio-ready tunes, I Only Lie When I Love You carries a snotty Future of the Left vibe and Kerr unashamedly indulges his Queens of the Stone Age fandom on Looks Like You Know.

It’s all quite one-dimensional however leaving the impression of a collection primarily designed to make live venues shake and shudder under its weight.