Rhodes: Wishes | Album Review

Fri, Sep 18, 2015, 00:00




Rhodes Music

Singer / Songwriter

It only takes one listen to the debut album of David Rhodes to guess the albums in his record collection.

For example, you might surmise that there’s a lot of Toms in there: Tom McRae, Tom Baxter, Tom Odell.

The 25-year-old Hertfordshire man ploughs the same furrow of emotive, overwrought balladry as those artists, wrapping his voice around piano and guitar with the same moody band dynamics as Coldplay (Intro) and even Sting (Raise Your Love).

With that in mind, the slow build and smooth production of these rather ordinary tracks renders the album more than slightly formulaic and although Turning Back Around injects some pace into the tracklisting, there’s really no real spark.

Your final wish might be that this Rhodes led somewhere more exciting.