Track of the Week:I Dont Care by Icona Pop.

This track is about as subtle as a packet of Mentos crammed into a bottle of Diet Coke. And that’s OK. Swedish duo Icona Pop have melded a chorus of “I don’t care! I love it!” with a bassline that sounds like it should precede a Saturday morning kids TV show, to make I Dont Care all kinds of brilliant.

* The Prince of Monaghan, Niall Horan, continues his tour of the US with his One Direction band-mates, and it seems like his high-jinks arent going to calm down any time soon. Coming off stage, young Horan tweeted: “i did a jump before goin off stage tonight..think ive done somethin t my leg...hahhaha. it was a high one”. While we applaud Nialls use of ellipses to express ongoing thought fragments (so Joycean!), maybe Harry Styles can take him aside one day and teach him about capital letters?

* Hot Chip are gearing up to release their new album, and are unhappy about the climate they find themselves in. Speaking to the Guardian, lead singer Alexis Taylor whinged: “Pop music’s become quite conservative in a lot of ways.” He continued: “There’s quite a lot of cynicism now about how to make pop records and what the point of it is. I saw the lady from N-Dubz on a chat show and they were asking how she felt about the band splitting up. She just talked about having to pay her mortgage as being the main issue.”

* Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears has released a chilling insight into how Kylie Minogue  acts when she’s angry. And its not appealing. Shears told Q magazine: “We had arranged to go see George Michael’s Symphonica premiere at the Royal Opera House. Well, I woke up a little late that evening – if you catch my drift. I was supposed to pick her up and get to the premiere for 7.30pm. I turned up to her house at that time. She was fuming. And when Kylie is angry, she doesn’t say anything. Just this awful silence. We got there at 8.05pm, and everyone was sat in the auditorium, waiting. They’d held up the show for us.”