Pop Corner: Dua Lipa saves the Last Dance; Adele is done with James Bond

Elsewhere, Ariana Grande is determined to break the sexist double standards in the music industry

TRACK OF THE WEEK Dua Lipa - Last Dance We're low-key into this chillwave track by "dark pop" sensation Dua Lipachillwave track by "dark pop" sensation Dua Lipa. The rumble of the bassline mixes with Tumblr-inspired lyrics ("my soul's burnin' like a cigarette"), and the middle eight takes things up a notch with a Cashmere Cat-inspired breakdown.

Hero of the week is pint-size wonder Ariana Grande. She told the Mirror that she's sick of double standards. "When men talk about women in songs it's like, 'Oh hell yeah, hos and bitches'. And if a girl makes a song about a break-up, then it's like 'Wow, I can't believe she did that', or What a slut.' Whether it's the music industry or real-life we need to break the standard and it needs to go away soon. I love seeing women be more vocal about these things because it is the only thing that will make a change – being really honest and speaking up."

Nick Jonas has opened up about his diabetes in a Reddit AMA. "Coping with diabetes is tough," he says, "regardless of what you do and how busy your schedule is. I've had challenges over the last couple years managing it. Thankfully I've got a great doctor, and great tools that I use that help me kinda keep it all together. "

Zero of the week is James Bond, according to Adele. She told the Sun that she'll never do another Bond theme. "I would never do it again because I would never want to jinx it. After 21, I was like, 'why did I want to ruin things?' Then I heard it was Bond 23 and I was 23, and it felt a little like fate."


But she likes her Oscar. “Having an Oscar is amazing. The statue is really heavy and now when anyone comes round my house the first thing they say is not, ‘How are you?’ It’s always, ‘Can I see your Oscar?’”

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