Plaice: Losses, Sad Songs review – Bleeping wonderful

Fri, Jul 3, 2020, 05:00




Sad Songs


Dublin musician and songwriter Adam Browne has been around for a while, toiling with good bands (Autumn Owls, the now-defunct Irish outfit with which he played bass) and collaborating with good music acts (Feather Beds on their 2018 EP Fabric). But the time has come for him to go his own way, the first fruit of which was the instrumental EP Planar En Plain Air, released in May.

While ever so slightly similar in fashion to the constituent elements of that EP (“loops, bleeps, beats, analogue and digital sources, presets, cassette recordings, noise and a sprinkling of lyrics”, notes Browne on his Bandcamp page), Losses really extends his creative reach. Although somewhat obscured from view (but explained by Browne in the album’s press release and explicitly referenced in the album title) there is a deep sense of distress here.

The song titles are great (Half Speed Panic Attack, CRT Image Burn, Collapsing into your Future, Ultrasound) and by choice make the guessing game that little bit easier. The music is often wonderful. Ultrasound is the best pop song you’ve heard while under general anaesthetic; Half Speed Panic Attack is as jittery as a jackhammer; Neutron Star Comedown is David Holmes doing his best to outdo David Holmes. In other words, you’d be wise to investigate.