Message in the Music: The Ashley Beedle Re-Edits

Fri, Feb 21, 2014, 00:00


Message In the Music: The Ashley Beedle Re-Edits




Ashley Beedle knows the score when it comes to dynamic dance-floor tunes. Working with or as X-Press 2, Ballistic Brothers, Black Science Orchestra and under countless other monikers has helped Beedle develop a fine adventurous streak. On a set that was four years in the works, Beedle works up a sweat with house, funk, soul, disco and rock in the mix. The DJ’s eclecticism is the glue throughout, effortlessly welding a join between tunes that wouldn’t seem best lined up to share the same quarters. Beedle makes it all stack up, from the raw soul of Gene Chandler’s All About the Paper and the funk-shrugging draw of Cymande’s For Baby Ooh to the powerful cover of Gimme Shelter by Ruth Copeland and The Gap Band’s sultry Keep Holding On . A masterclass in creating good vibes.
Download: Gene Chandler, All About the Paper ; Cymande, For Baby Ooh ; Ruth Copeland, Gimme Shelter