Marius Neset: Pinball | Album Review

Fri, Feb 6, 2015, 06:25



Marius Neset

ACT Music


Marius Neset’s first two recordings announced a major new saxophone talent on the European scene. It was, said the critics, as if Jan Garbarek and Michael Brecker had a saxophone love child. His third release, written for the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, concentrated more on his compositions, betraying an admiration for Brazilian musical anarchist Hermeto Pascoal, as well as the influence of Neset’s teacher and mentor, Django Bates. Pinball, his fourth release, unites those two sides of Neset’s musicianship. For those who like to hear a tenor saxophone take flight, Neset is among the most exciting new soloists to emerge in recent years, but the strength and clarity of his compositions suggest that there is much more to the young Norwegian than just the flash of saxophonic invention.