Manchester Orchestra: A Black Mile to the Surface – rising US band show their depth

Thu, Jul 27, 2017, 10:30


A Black Mile to the Surface

Manchester Orchestra

Caroline Records


An accomplished yet underappreciated band, Manchester Orchestra have spent most of their 13-year career lurking in the shadows of the American indie-rock scene. Could their fifth album be the one to hit the big-time? Buoyed by the success of their soundtrack to the film Swiss Army Man last year, songwriters Andy Hull and Rob McDowell are in fine form here, from the evocative shimmer of The Maze to the tremulous buzz of Lead, SD. The Moth and the propulsive drumming of The Wolf draw parallels to The National, while the soft, layered warmth of The Sunshine and The Alien nod to Midlake. When Hull croons over the starkly beautiful acoustic love song The Parts, it feels like the missing piece of an album that ticks every box.