Jagwar Ma: Howlin’

Fri, Jun 14, 2013, 00:00



Jagwar Ma

Marathon Artists


Back in late 2011, the thrilling, exquisite Come Save Me single was an indication that Australian duo Jono Ma and Gabriel Winterfield had found something different to explore. That track shares a shelf with nine other hypnotic, beautifully honed space-disco, psychedelia, rock and jangly grooves on Howlin. Recorded in a barn in northern France and then finessed by Ewan Pearson, it’s both baggy and tight, the work of two musicians keen to blow the dust off some vintage nuggets while also being in thrall to what’s going on right now. That duality is on display throughout Howlin, in tracks such as the peerless, evocative, innovative Uncertainty and the hazy, gauzy What Love, in the sweet pop bent of That Loneliness and the shimmering slo-mo melodies of Backwards Berlin. Potentially, your new favourite band. facebook.com/jagwarma

Download: Uncertainty, Come Save Me, What Love