Hot Chip: a pivotal moment at a pivotal show | Electric Picnic

Much like their 15-year career, Hot Chip's self-assurance has come good

Artist: Hot Chip

Venue: Main Stage

Date Reviewed: September 6th, 2015

Around the middle of their set, Hot Chip lob in festival favourite Over and Over as if it’s just another song and they’ve plenty more where that came from. That’s the pivotal moment of a pivotal show, because, much like their 15-year career, their self-assurance comes good. With tight musicianship, perfect sound and impressive but unfussy visuals to reflect their artfully constructed electro hooks, their unrelenting pace proves they’ve shifted leagues - and that’s before they knock us sideways with their Dancin’ In The Dark/All My Friends hybrid.

“You guys never disappoint,” says Al Doyle. Neither do you, Hot Chip, neither do you.

In three words: Headline slots await

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