Groom: Bread and Jam Popical

Fri, Aug 1, 2014, 00:00


Bread and Jam


Popical Island


The recipe for a great band varies, but nobody who hears Bread and Jam can deny that Groom have charm in abundance. This fourth album from the Dublin four-piece is a gloriously accomplished collection of prime indie-pop with a distinctly Irish bent – from tongue-in-cheek lyrics lambasting everyone from Peig Sayers to Brendan Shine, to the wistful melancholic bounce of Moving to Athlone. Musically, the album zips from the rambunctious tumble of Colours to the tremulous Krautrock-driven I’ve Never Been in a Real Fight. Charlie O’Loughlin Fuk Dat Shit is a ragged, 1970s rock’n’roll number that nods to The Kinks, while Dermot, Dermot, Dermot, Dermot provides a fizzy burst of exuberant indiepop that’s impossible to resist. As its title suggests, it’s simple, yet lip-smackingly tasty sustenance. Download: Moving to Athlone, I’ve Never Been in a Real Fight