George Ezra: Staying at Tamara’s review – Cheery pop and pep talks

Staying at Tamara’s
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Artist: George Ezra
Genre: Pop
Label: Columbia

It's three years since George Ezra, the young man with the deep voice, released his debut album, Wanted on Voyage. On Staying at Tamara's the travelling troubadour continues to inhale the wonders of the world and then exhale them through song, while pushing happiness to the forefront.

His life motto becomes apparent on Don't Matter Now, the laissez-faire bop that reminds us nothing stays the same forever. Although this is the mildest approach to mental health, Ezra's heart is in the right place.

His pep talk continues on the sincere Only a Human: "You can run, you can jump, might f**k it up / But you can't blame yourself, no, you're just human".

On Hold My Girl he displays a finer dissection of emotions than the "Cheer up! It can't be that bad" message he delivers elsewhere.


Although Ezra occasionally sounds like an exhausting friend who won't stop talking about his year abroad, the result is folk pop as laid-back as the man himself. Staying at Tamara's is a cheery reflection of a young man finding his place in the world.