En Otra Parte: Zsófia Boros

Fri, Oct 4, 2013, 00:00


En otra parte

Zsófia Boros

ECM New Series


Hungarian guitarist Zsófia Boros doesn’t describe her ECM début disc as a collection of encores, but that’s exactly what it sounds like. “Often I think the choice of music is in my own hands,” she says, “but later I wonder if the music has chosen me as a medium.” The music that has chosen her for this disc (by Francisco Calleja, Vicente Amigo, Dominic Miller, Leo Brouwer, Abel Fleury, Ralph Towner, Dilermando Reis, Martin Reiter and Quique Sinesi) is Latin American in flavour, mostly languid. And though none of it predates the 20th century, the prevailing manner is that of 19th-century character pieces. If your taste runs to mellowness and round-toned guitar-playing, the easy-listening style of this disc may be just the thing. url.ie/7ebo