David C Clements - The Longest Day in History: skillfully balanced between anthemic, heartfelt and Springsteenesque

Thu, Feb 18, 2016, 21:00


The Longest Day in History

David C Clements


Singer / Songwriter

While the ‘emerging songwriter’ tag is something of a misnomer (he has been ‘emerging’ from 2001, in bands such as Six Star Hotel and other umbrella-titled solo efforts), there’s no doubt that Belfast-based David C Clements is on the cusp of something good.

It has taken some time for his bona fide solo debut album to arrive, but he hasn’t been twiddling his thumbs, as support slots with Passenger, Ed Sheeran, Of Monsters and Men, and Gary Lightbody prove.

These headline acts, of course, give specific clues as to what area we’re in, but Clements is more surefooted than most, a creative posture that can be attributed to years toiling at the folk/pop coalface.

Produced by Michael Keeney (Duke Special), the album is skillfully balanced between anthemic (Hollywood), heartfelt (Cold Light of Dawn) and Springsteenesque (Oh Child).