DAITHÍ: LOSS review – group therapy on the dancefloor

Reaching his ‘lowest point’, the musician has called his friends in to help him find the light

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Artist: Daithi
Genre: Electronic
Label: Strange Brew Records

Taking on a stint of elective isolation in 2017, Dáithí wrote his second album in rural France during what he describes as his “lowest point”. Using smart collaborations, honest outpourings, live instrumentation and ambient house beats, he works through the darkness and edges closer to the light.

Paul Noonan (Bell X1) plays the piano and takes on the lead vocals on opening track Take the Wheel. There’s a sense of hopelessness but, with every drawn-out note, we learn that going it alone isn’t an option.

Each collaborator – Noonan, Orla Gartland, Sinéad White, Tandem Felix, Ailbhe Reddy, Sacred Animals, Ryan Vail, The Sei – brings more than just their voice or their instrumentation to this record: they bring their own stories to the fore too.

Gartland navigates the grief of losing her grandfather on Perfect Harmony and White takes control of heartbreak on the pulsating Orange.


In My Darkest Moments acts as a release, closing the album with a cacophony of synths and layered vocals from The Sei.

In this introspective and deeply personal album, Daithi has taken everything apart only to find himself again.