D’Indy: Orchestral Works Vol 5

Fri, Jun 21, 2013, 00:00


D'Indy Orchestral Works Volume 5

Louis Lortie, Iceland Symphony ORchestra, Rumon Gamba, Vincent d'Indy



Vincent d’Indy’s best-known work, the Symphony on a French mountain air, for piano and orchestra, shows the influence of his teacher, César Franck, as well as Wagner (he made the pilgrimage to Bayreuth for the 1876 première of the Ring), and his familial roots in the Ardèche. Louis Lortie makes sure you won’t think it’s a concerto, and Rumon Gamba matches him in reserve. The atmosphere of a lost past and the introverted brooding that pervade the other works – the Prelude to the opera Fervaal, the symphonic poem Saugefleurie, and a suite from his incidental music for Catulle Mendès’s play Médée – seem better served than the symphony by the mostly low-key approach.