Col Patterson blends weighty lyrics and sunburst sounds

Hangover Moon
    
Artist: Col Patterson
Genre: Rock
Label: Self Released

Kildare musician and songwriter Col Patterson previously spent time in the rock music trenches with The Vinylheads, a nifty enough band who released an album, Kicks, a few years ago but has since split up. Hangover Moon is Patterson in a solo capacity, and it's a much more private experience, as the songs touch on acutely personal topics (including loss, injustice, love, mental health, family). The narrative load, however, is lessened somewhat by a collection of remarkably poised, crisp and light-fingered tunes that will have you whistling away without permission. There are many highlights, including Angels on the Wave, Woodshed, Hard to Believe, the title track and Big Lie World, each of which have a sunburst pop finish that belies their sober, saying-it-like-it-is lyrics.