Ciara Sidine - Unbroken Line review: taking her own sweet time

Wed, Sep 6, 2017, 15:30


Unbroken Line

Ciara Sidine

Independent Release

Singer / Songwriter

At a time when even presidential communications show precious little evidence of gestation, Ciara Sidine’s second solo album basks in the glory of a clear-sightedness and depth that’s in some part due to the six-year gap since her debut, Shadow Road Rising.

Unbroken Line is lit by a brace of original songs and one updated cover, Woman of Constant Sorrow, the latter made utterly contemporary by Sidine’s subtle lyrical additions. Distillation is everything, and Sidine matches the best lyricists in many songs, but in particular, on the title track: “One side tells you a dime’s a dollar, the other sells somebody’s dollar for a dime”. Like the best songs, it’s anybody’s for the taking.

Sidine uses a wide-angle lens to tell tales of personal and collective identity in all their murky and wondrous complexity: this is music for the long haul.