Aoife Nessa Frances: Land of No Junction review – adventures beyond the crossroads

Fri, Jan 10, 2020, 05:00


Lands of No Junction

Aoife Nessa Frances

Basin Rock

Singer / Songwriter

When the world around you is ever changing and the ground under your feet always shifting, how can you pin a moment and express it? Living in a constant state of flux, Dublin-based singer-songwriter Aoife Nessa Frances finds the words, melodies and emotions that bind the comings and goings of being a young woman in Ireland.

With a rich voice that comes in heavy like a mudslide, Frances draws you into her centre and moves you with her. Over gentle guitar, the former Princess member uses Blow Up to capture a breaking point in life when you know that everything must change but you have to go beyond your comfort zone to progress.

Aoife Nessa Frances - Blow Up

As the strings on Here in the Dark swell, she finds strength in uncertainty and comfort in solitude, and on the mild-1960s jangle of Libra, she unravels the hypocrisies of love.

With almost all of the lyrics on her debut album penned down in a free-writing process, her points meander, but the title track concludes that even if you don’t know where you’re going, it’s essential that you trudge onwards.