Anthony Naples: Body Pill | Album Review

Mon, Mar 16, 2015, 15:00


Body Pill

Anthony Naples



There will be more expansive documents from Anthony Naples in time, but Body Pill is worth exploring as an insight into the current body swings of the New York producer. 

That he’s found a home on Four Tet’s Text label for these sketches and outlines is telling as he has a similar wide-eyed, idiosyncratic approach to sounds. 

Here, it’s Naples the sculptor who holds sway, turning lines of textures and streaks into lovingly embellished, wonky slivers of groove and melody. There are traces of previous explorers in how Naples deploys his talents, but he has a head for taking sounds higher and further than his peers.

Between the intoxicating blur which halos Ris, the slick groove on Changes and the off-kilter demeanour of Used To Be, Naples is a producer with a hell of a lot of ideas who’s happy to take the risks to put them all out there.