Waxahatchee: Raw power with killer instincts

Wed, Jul 12, 2017, 15:30


Out In The Storm


Merge Records


Katie Crutchfield is the powerhouse behind Waxahatchee (named after a creek in Alabama). This fourth album is a no-holds barred excavation of the detritus of a relationship, with all of the rawness of Sinéad O’Connor in her early days, but with the counterpoint of a musical foundation that stokes and soothes in the right places. Crutchfield’s vocals are a thing apart: part Juliana Hatfield, part Feist, but ultimately all her own, she’s as much at home with amps at 11 as she is with the come hither whisper of a confidante. No Question is a perfect amalgam of insistent, highly hummable melody lines and tight, driving guitar that promise humdinger live performances. Truth to tell, Out In The Storm begs for an airing in three dimensions: and the album cover has killer instincts too. mergerecords.com