Purity Ring


Shrines, 4AD ****

If bands were judged by their names you’d never believe that Spoon are the coolest rock band on the planet or that Sack wrote a song Morrissey believes should be number one forever. Likewise, Purity Ring would be dismissed as abstinence- preaching Bible bashers rather than future-pop’s latest pioneers. In fact, the young Canadian duo’s dodgy moniker couldn’t be more misleading. Corin Roddick and Megan James dabble with pitch- shifting synths, stuttering beats and treated vocals to create a glorious collage of hip-hop, r’n’b, house, techno and finely honed electropop. The astonishingly accomplished ecstatic highs of Fineshrine and Ungirthed are matched by the slow-motion brooding of Grandloves and Lofticries. James’s sweetly delivered yet nightmarish lyrics contrast deliciously with Roddick’s polished production to concoct an evocative and promising debut. purityringsongs.com

Download tracks:Fineshrine, Grandloves, Lofticries