Paul Weller gets back to his creative best on A Kind Revolution

Wed, May 10, 2017, 14:14


A Kind Revolution

Paul Weller



After the misstep of his uninspiring soundtrack for boxing film Jawbone earlier this year, Paul Weller is back to his creative best with his 13th solo album.

The Modfather makes use of his contacts book for A Kind Revolution: a motley crew including Boy George and Robert Wyatt are involved, while even young Strypes guitarist Josh McClorey proves his mettle on three tracks.

Weller’s knack for making magic out of seemingly rudimentary ingredients can be heard on the sumptuous Long Long Road, while She Moves with the Fayre’s slick 1960s slant is a joy, and even the prolonged experimental workout of One Tear is enjoyable, throwing a few subtle surprises into the mix.

The titular “revolution” may be misleading, but there’s no question that this album is simply a pleasure from start to finish.