Pascal Pinon - Sundur review: part sad dream, part tender magic

Thu, Aug 25, 2016, 20:12



Pascal Pinon

Morr Music


Icelandic twins ásthildur and Jófríður ákadóttir (who is also a member of Samaris) released their debut album in their teens, and even though they have taken the band name from the Mexican two-headed freakshow act of the early 1900s, there is nothing odd about them.

Rather, they make the kind of music that’s typical of some Icelandic musicians: simplistic, scenic, layered, often breathtakingly pretty.

They admit to being influenced by Bjork and Tegan & Sara, but there’s much more to Pascal Pinon and Sundur.

Native elegant folk-pop looms large (fellow all-female group, Amiina, is a far clearer reference point), and across songs that have little more than piano, loops, and occasional clinks of scrap metal, the sisters manage to construct a minimal soundscape that is part sad dream, part tender magic.