Jamie Lidell - Building a Beginning album review: the clue is in the title

Thu, Oct 20, 2016, 11:29


Building A Beginning

Jamie Lidell



There’s a clue in the title. Over the course of his career, Jamie Lidell has run the gamut when it comes to musical styles and directions, from experimental pop to far-side soul. On his seventh solo album, Lidell appears to take stock from his previous dalliances and deliver the sounds and shades that have worked best for him to date.

In this case, Building a Beginning is in thrall to the vintage r’n’b and soul of the 1970s, which Lidell has previously explored and uses here to contemplate parenthood, love and life. Walk Right Back, Julian and Nothing’s Gonna Change are full of Lidell’s wistful, heartfelt musings about becoming a father for the first time and what this brings to his world.

Appearances from the likes of Pino Palladino, Ben Ash, Mocky and Wilco’s Pat Sansone add heft to the stylistic threads on display, though most of the enjoyment here comes from simply listening to Lidell at work.