Soul Sacrifice Delta

A welcome spit and polish for the icky but lively fantasy combat game

Game Title: Soul Sacrifice Delta

Publisher: Sony

Reviewed On: Playstation Vita

Available on: Playstation Vita

Fri, May 30, 2014, 00:00


The endearingly barmy and disgusting Soul Sacrifice returns, with added content, improved game-play and other welcome tweaks. Its legions of fans will know that it follows a humble prisoner who finds a living, talking, fleshy, sentient book called Librom. By leafing through its pages, you can relive and rewrite a story of using spells, fighting monsters and choosing to “sacrifice” or “save” their souls. Soul Sacrifice Delta has the density of menus, weapons and character augmentations of a role-playing game, but it’s mainly focused on third-person combat. The brawling is zippier and more user-friendly this time, with intuitive commands and spells. And, like before, the arsenal is varied and vast. You can also play co-operative multiplayer online. The graphics and sound effects are as lavish as they are amusingly repulsive – all squelching, blood and gurgling – and the story is overwrought and fun.