Lemmings Touch

The rodent-saving classic gets a welcome reboot for the PS Vita

Game Title: Lemmings Touch

Publisher: Sony

Reviewed On: Playstation Vita

Available on: Playstation Vita

Fri, Jun 6, 2014, 00:00


Back in 1991 Lemmings waddled onto the Amiga and became an instant classic of its genre – a real-time strategy game with a dash of God simulation. Once again, your job is to protect the inept rodents from themselves. On each level you’re given time to examine the setting (ancient Egypt, an alien planet or something else) and evaluate its dangers. Then the lemmings come pouring in from the sky, stubbornly, relentlessly walking to their doom. You must assign skills to some lemmings, which they’ll carry out mindlessly – bridge building, blocking paths, using umbrellas as parachutes – and lead them to safety. The touch screen works well on the Vita (though it was made for someone with fingers daintier than mine). You can pinch to zoom; tap the lemmings to assign the task; and speed up their movement to see it through at your own pace; a challenging, cute and gratifying game. playstation.com