The latest releases reviewed

The latest releases reviewed

BRIAN KENNEDY Destination Curb Records *

He may not be the new Johnny Logan, but at least he got Ireland back into the Eurovision top 10. And he's got a whole new audience of grannies, so Brian's put on a nice dinner suit and released a song that even Westlife fans would find a little too sickly sweet. Hey, let's get Daniel O'Donnell for Eurovision 2007.

MCFLY Please, Please/Don't Stop Me Now Universal**


McFly have a bit part in Lindsay Lohan's Just My Luck, playing a boyrock band (very challenging). Luckily, it's only for teenagers, so the rest of us can ignore it. This double A-side features a snotty version of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now. OK, stop that now.

MORNING RUNNER Oceans Parlophone ***

Rmember Bedazzled, where the Devil grants Dudley Moore his wish to become a rock star? Dud does a super-sensitive love song, but then the Devil trumps it with a nasty tune that drives the girls wild. Get it out on video, guys - it's not like you've got dates tonight or anything.

GRAHAM COXON I Can't Look at Your Skin/What's He Got? Parlophone ***

Coxon's last single, You and I, was so fab he needs two songs to follow it up. The first tune is not about a spotty girl; she's actually a Lloyd Cole fantasy made flesh. Tune two has more singalongability, and is a Joe Jackson nightmare made real.

BELL X1 Rocky Took a Lover Island ****

From Flock, here's a finely calibrated tune with celestial harps, all about a boy who's looking up at the stars while wearing a "kick me" sign on his ass.

WE ARE SCIENTISTS The Great Escape Virgin ****

This US trio trade in simple, direct-to-moshpit tuneology. The song may share its title with a Blur album, but it sounds more like a Graham Coxon solo track, with Fender-bending guitars and a nice choppy riff.

RIHANNA Unfaithful Def Jam ***

This impossibly beautiful rhythm'n'blues star is torn between two lovers who, naturally, have the hots for her, and she's feeling a bit guilty about it. So she salves her conscience with a heartrending piano ballad. What, just stop fooling around? Don't be ridiculous.