Crosaire No 17886 by Dominic

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1 Anagram (abandoned) of “German breeders” = Red Amber Green = Traffic light starting sequence

10 A + LSO (London Symphony Orchestra)+ ran (managed) = also ran = mediocre

11 The minibar in a hotel room is extremely expensive


12 Gene (Hackman actor) and a gene is part of his genetic make-up

13 Pylon (support for electricity grid) is found in occuPY LONG

15 Every second letter of iNsIgNiA = Nina, a hidden message in a puzzle

17 MOM (mother) if flipped becoms WOW - amazing

19 The best (elite) less t (timeless) = Thebes = old city

21 Dig (appreciate) + est (centre letters of jamESTown) = digest = take in (as in eat)

22 Triple definition

23 Repeat = another showing of a TV prgramme; re (about) peat (fossil fuel)

25 P (parking) twice in dale (valley) = dapple = spot

27 Rap = criticise; rap = musical style; rap = reverse of par (standard)

29 “I con” might be the confession of a grifter (con artist) + Icon is a common feature of computer screens

30 Notion (idea) without I = not on = impossible

31 First letters of Move Economic Numbers Up

34 Anagram (excited) of “lad” = ald, following Emer = Emerald as in the Emerald Isle

35 Village hamlet with the first letter (v) moved back two places = t, creating tillage, a place of agricultural cultivation

36 Here be dragons appears on ancient maps of unknown regions; Wales symbol is a dragon


2 Centre (crucial to) of tESt uSEd laNCEts = essence = the substance of things

3 Airs (broadcasts) = pairs (matches) after p (power) is lost

4 By around one (single) + M (man) = Boney M

5 MC (host - master of ceremonies) in room (chamber) = romcom = something funny about love

6 R (lead letter of rub) in d (dead) = rind = skin (of fruit for example)

7 Anagram (worried) of “Bet I’d be” = ebbtide = when tidal river water gets lower

8 Laughter lines (evidence of a love of humour) radiate from the sude of your eyes

9 Anagram (fixing) of “burst leak here” = break the rules = don’t follow protocol

14 Lot (crowd) around Vera (woman) = Love rat = an unfaithful person

16 Vegan (one who might reject veal) is contained (portion) and reversed (send back) in maNAGE Veal

18 Titan = strong man; without it = tan = bronze

20 Sit (model) + order given to well trained dog (setter for example)

21 Dude (an American guy) - e (energy) = dud = a failure

24 Anagram (doctor) of “hope men” = phoneme = a unit of sound

26 Pawn (stooge) around (goes outside) red (embarrassed) = predawn = before sunrise

27 Roadie (musical group’s technical person) sounds like (calling out) Row D (the fourth line)

28 From the slogan “Bill posters may be prosecuted”

32 Female (she) lacking iron (FE) = male (he)

33 Plug (a mention for example on a TV show) is often linked with ugly (plug ugly)