Crosaire No 17873 by Crossheir – Friday, April 29th, 2022

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8 Half the criticism (half the 'REView' = rev) falls back (= reversal indicator) (rev = VER-) on (-ON-) a (-A) (VERONA) city in Italy (VERONA),

9 Exceptions (OUTLIERS) or anomaly (= anagram indicator) to rile us (to rile us = OUTLIERS),

10 The distress (PAIN) of hen parties without Esther (‘hen parties’ without ‘Esther’ = npai = PAIN),

11 Remains (-EMBERS-) after (= position indicator) Frenchman (M-) goes to joint (-HIP joint) (MEMBERSHIP) – because of this one has a sense of belonging (MEMBERSHIP),


12 Catch (net) rising (= reverse indicator) (net = TEN-) gangster (-DON) (TENDON) – the one synonymous with The Muscle (TENDON),

14 In America spar (American spar/pole on ship = POLEMAST) with 24 across (‘pole’ = POLE-)? Presumably, it’s rigged! (-MAST) (POLEMAST),

15 Fiddle (INSTRUMENT-) elite group (A-list = -ALIST) (INSTRUMENTALIST) – the one playing to the audience (INSTRUMENTALIST),

18 Tops (SWEATERS) some wasabi starters (‘Some Wasabi’ starters = SW-) for consumers (eaters = -EATERS) (SWEATERS),

20 Ask for recipe tips (‘Ask For Recipe’ tips = AFR-) from women’s institute (Irish Countrywomen’s Association = -ICA) (AFRICA) covering a really large area (AFRICA),

22 Ancestor (PROTOHUMAN) in troop (troop) movement (= anagram indicator) (troop = PROTO-) to Hué (Hué), for the most part (e) (‘Hue’ without ‘e’ = -HU-) going to ’Nam (nam), slipped up (= reverse indicator) (nam = -MAN) (PROTOHUMAN),

24 Helicopters dropping off richest (‘helicopters’ dropping off ‘ richest’ = lope = POLE) staff (staff/stick = POLE),

25 Does a job in the exam office (CORRECTS) for college (C-) rector’s (rectors) boss (= anagram indicator) (rectors = -ORRECTS) (CORRECTS),

26 Those working in the theatre (NURSES) producing Three Sisters, for instance (NURSES).

1 Who gets out of water hole ('who' gets out of 'water hole' = aterle = RELATE) to tell a story? (RELATE),

2 and 5 down: Feeling the blues (DOWN) from the ale (the ale)? Drunk (= anagram indicator) (the ale = AT HEEL) (DOWN AT HEEL) and the worse for wear! (DOWN AT HEEL),

3 Relative (-MA-) in awful (= anagram indicator) tank (tank = KAT-N-) top departed (top ‘Departed’ = -D-) for university (-U) (KATMANDU) in the Himalayas (KATMANDU, capital of Nepal in the Himalayas),

4 Study (ROOM) of half of those in 16 down (half of ‘newsROOM’ = ROOM),

5 See 2 down

6 Nothing like this (DISSIMILAR) one (-I-) young lady (Miss), back (= reverse indicator) (miss = -SSIM-) from institute (-I-) in Donegal (DL = D-L), having lark (lark) at The Centre (‘lARk’ at the centre = -AR) (DISSIMILAR),

7 A priest’s (a priest’s) building (= anagram indicator) (a priest’s = TRAIPSES) for tramps? (TRAIPSES),

13 Vocal opponents (DETRACTORS) of department (D-) engineering (-E-) farm machinery (-TRACTORS) (DETRACTORS),

14 Pulp (PRESS) or Squeeze? (PRESS),

16 Where you’ll find those doing a job in social media industry (NEWSROOM) employing a number of hacks! (NEWSROOM),

17 Working out (TRAINING) in time (T-) what it means ruling (reigning) state (= homophone indicator) (‘reigning’ = ‘raining’ = -RAINING) (TRAINING),

19 Learnt from chain letters (‘learnt’ from ‘chain letters’ = chites = ETHICS) this is a study of moral philosophy (ETHICS),

21 Named (CALLED) everyone (-ALL-) locked in by church (Church of England = CE = C-E-) key (music key -D) (CALLED),

23 Didn’t catch (missed) report (= homophone indicator) (‘missed’ = ‘mist’ = MIST) – is it related to The Cloud? (MIST),

24 Truck stop around (= reverse indicator) the outskirts of (‘TRuck stOP’ the outskirts of = trop  = PORT) Rosslare (PORT).