Crosaire No 17722 by Crossheir – Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021

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8 Decorative mask (VENEER) for disguise? (VENEER),

9 Master (TAKE IT IN) in 24 across (‘take’ = TAKE) is primarily into (primarily ‘Into’ = I-) metal (tin = -T IN) (TAKE IT IN),

10 Some still-life artists (some ‘still liFE ARtists’ = FEAR) with cold feet (FEAR),

11 Circulates (= anagram indicator) motions (motions = MONO-IST) about article (-THE-) (MONOTHEIST) produced by one who believes (MONOTHEIST),


12 Mob (RABBLE) lawyer (Bachelor of Law = -BL-) behind (= position indicator) Bar (bar) Review (= reversal indicator) (bar = RAB-) is close to judge (close to/end to ‘judgE’ = -E) (RABBLE)

14 Envious (DESIROUS) of the French (‘of the’ French = DE-) teacher (-SIR-) going around (-O-) America (-US) (DESIROUS),

15 Endure (TAKE IT ON THE CHIN) what some of those in Ring might have to do (those in boxing ring ... TAKE IT ON THE CHIN),

18 Slippery (= anagram indicator) US cobras (US cobras = SCABROUS) can be rough and unattractive (SCABROUS)

20 Get comfy (NESTLE) in tree house (NEST-) with endless (t) accommodation (let) (‘let’ without ‘t’ = -LE) (NESTLE),

22 Relax (TAKE IT EASY) – it isn’t difficult (it’s EASY) following (= position indicator) the first two in 15 across (first two in ‘take it on the chin’ = TAKE IT)  (TAKE IT EASY),

24 Consume (TAKE) starter of 22 across (starter of ‘take it easy’ = TAKE),

25 Fool (IMBECILE) of doctor (-MB-) finds vermin (lice) back (= reversal indicator) (lice = -ECIL-) in Ireland (.ie = I-E) (IMBECILE),

26 Story from good books (parable) needing no introduction (p) (‘parable’ without ‘p’ = ARABLE) is tailor-made for The Ploughing (ARABLE),

1 Seen (seen) out (= anagram indicator) (seen = SENE-) by accountant (-CA) (SENECA), one of the younger guys in Rome in the past (Roman statesman = SENECA The Younger),

2 Bitter (BEER) with those characters opening 13 down (opening of ‘beer brewer’ = BEER),

3 Medic (DR-) expresses hesitation (-UM-) taking pulse (-BEAT) (DRUMBEAT) from one of those keeping time (DRUMBEAT),

4 Shock (STUN) with content of fascist unorthodoxy (content of ‘fasciST UNorthodoxy’ = STUN)

5 Cocktail (‘cock’ tail = -K-) consumed (-ATE-) in boat (SS = S-S) (SKATES) by swimmers (SKATES),

6 Follows (-TRACKS) Dublin, for example (SIDE-), beginning (= position indicator) (SIDETRACKS) with draws away (SIDETRACKS),

7 US State (MISSOURI) address (MISS-) at old (-O-), old city (-UR-) institute (-I) (MISSOURI),

13 Stout guy (BEER BREWER) from Belgium (BE-) is over (= reverse indicator) about (re = -ER) the man responsible for those in 23 down (BREWER is responsible for ‘ales’) (BEER BREWER),

14 Understands strand is shedding (‘understands’ strand is shedding/without ‘strand’ = undes = DUNES) lots of sand (DUNES),

16 Praises (ACCLAIMS) a (A-) head of clan (head of ‘Clan’ = -C-) from States (states/declares = -CLAIMS) (ACCLAIMS),

17 Two types of workers (hand + man = HAND-MAN) around yard (-Y-) (HANDYMAN) – one is a jack-of-all-trades (HANDYMAN),

19 Removing lads from studio flat (removing ‘lads’ from ‘studio flat’ = tuioft = OUTFIT) leads to suit (suit = OUTFIT).

21 Kelly (Kelly) travelling (= anagram indicator) (Kelly = L-KELY) around island? (-I-) (LIKELY) That’s probably the case! (LIKELY),

23 Sides with Albert Hughes (sides with ‘ALbert hughES’ = ALES) – they’re always drunk (ALES),

24 A way of communicating (THAI language) to thespian without using pens? (‘thespian’ without using ‘pens’ = thia = THAI).