Crosaire No 17386 by Crossheir – Monday, October 5th, 2020

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8 Got along (MADE DO) with party (DO) after (= position indicator) hearing (= homophone indicator) hotel worker (‘maid’ = ‘MADE’) (MADE DO),

9 Tips for driving irons (tips for ‘Driving Irons’ = DI-) and how to hold yourself before hitting the ball (-STANCE) (DISTANCE) from the tee to the hole (DISTANCE),

10 Fair amount of (half of) those from 14 across (half of ‘postCARD’ = CARD) in The Queen (CARD),

11 It causes an increase in lactic acid production (OXYGEN DEBT) – the type that’s outstanding at the Gas Company (OXYGEN DEBT),


12 Both centres of submerged dangerous (‘both centres of subMERged’ ‘danGERous’ = MERGER) alliance (MERGER),

14 Jack (-CARD) is not the first (= position indicator) from 24 down (‘post’ = POST-) (POSTCARD) bringing news of the travellers (POSTCARD),

15 Comment (OBSERVATION) from The Mail (the mail = POST) (OBSERVATION POST) offering a view typically taken by a major employer (offering army major view / OBSERVATION POST)

18 Half of those taken from 14 across (half of ‘POSTcard’ = POST-) on the banks of Bay of Pigs (on the banks of the ‘BAy of piGS’  = -BAGS) (POSTBAGS) carried by men of letters (POSTBAGS),

20 Kathleen (-K-) in trial (case = CAS-E-) has time (-T) (CASKET) in The Box (CASKET),

22 English (E-) company (-CO-) taking orders (-SYSTEMS) (ECOSYSTEMS) from complex communities (ECOSYSTEMS),

24 As yet not in tipsy cake (‘as yet’ not in ‘tipsy cake’ = ipck = PICK) by choice (PICK),

25 Señorita (lass) heading off (l) (‘lass’ without ‘l’ = ASS-) to Roses (roses) working (= anagram indicator) (roses = -ESSOR) (ASSESSOR) for The Examiner (ASSESSOR),

26 Sheds a tear (sobs) dropping off leader (s) (‘sobs’ without ‘s’ = OBS-) on English (-E-) boat (-SS) (OBSESS) with hound (OBSESS).


1 Herb (sage = SA-GE) welcomes Virginia (-VA-) (SAVAGE) Wild (SAVAGE),

2 The Clash (FEUD) can be relatively unpleasant? (family FEUD),

3 Most (t) of the group (lot) (most of the ‘lot’ = -LO-) in Court (court = CO-UR T-) Five (-V) (COLOUR TV) in The Box (COLOUR TV),

4 Ill at ease (EDGY) daydreaming, missing Miranda (‘daydreaming’, missing ‘Miranda’ = ydeg = EDGY),

5 Siamese cats ignoring mice? A (‘Siamese cats’ ignoring ‘mice a’ = sseats = ASSETS) lot of pluses in that! (ASSETS),

6 Portraits (LANDSCAPES) of One Direction (North = -N-) surrounded by young men (lads = LA-DS-), Cliff (-CAPE-) and Old Bob (old bob = shilling = -S) (LANDSCAPES),

7 One (I-) culinary tip (‘Culinary’ tip = -C-) good (-G-) in beers (beers), soup (= anagram indicator) (beers = -EBER-S), (ICEBERGS), salads (ICEBERGS),

13 Declines (GOES TO SEED) to set (set) off (= anagram indicator) (set = -ES T-) for Oxford (-O) to view (SEE-) all characters taken in by idol (god = GO- -D) (GOES TO SEED),

14 Silence (Sh = -HS) from Knock (tap) reflects (= reverse indicator) (tap = PAT-) (PATHS) a number of approaches (PATHS),

16 Cabinet (BOOKCASE) order (order/reserve = BOOK-) comes in front of the judge (-CASE) (BOOKCASE),

17 Firm (Co) sets up (= reversal indicator) (Co = OC-) working (= anagram indicator) casino (casino = -CASION) (OCCASION) for particular event (OCCASION),

19 What characters in 25 across might do (‘assessor’ might ASSESS) with gauge (ASSESS),

21 Justification (EXCUSE) for former (EX-) copper (-CU-) joining border’s security force (borders ‘Security forcE’ = -SE) (EXCUSE) with justification,

23 Ill-treated dismissing titled (‘ill-treated’ dismissing ‘titled’ = lrea = EARL) peer of the realm (EARL),

24 Picket (POST) finishes on 15 across (‘finishes on ‘observation post’ = POST).