Crosaire No 16738 by Crossheir – Monday, September 3rd, 2018

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8 Characters video-taped a lobster (characters ‘video-taped a lobster’ = PEDALO) from pleasure boat (PEDALO),

9 They’re as white as a sheet (ICE FLOES) with charming type (nice) losing the head (n) (‘nice’ without ‘n’ = ICE) with current (“flow” = “floe”= FLOE-) reports (= homophone indicator) from school (-S) (ICE FLOES),

10 Pep (ZEST) sides with Zen Buddhist (sides with ‘Zen Buddhist’ = ZEST),

11 Considerable achievement (SUCCESS-) for one (-I-) broadcast (-ON) (SUCCESSION) and then another and another! (SUCCESSION),


12 Discover thermostat to outlet (some “thermostat to outlet” = TATTOO) can be drawn in the parlour (TATTOO in Tattoo parlour),

14 Circle (TURN-) plate (-COAT) (TURNCOAT) was on one side of table and is now on the other side (TURNCOAT),

15 Those in Ireland who voted for Trump (ABSENTEE BALLOTS) cannot be found (ABSENTEE) – a follower (‘a’ follower is B-) gives out (-ALLOTS) (ABSENTEE BALLOTS),

18 The toilets (LOOS-) at the back of the home (back of the ‘home’ = -E) goal (END) (LOOSE END) not tied up? (LOOSE END),

20 For the dancers (DISCOS) on Greek island (Kos) needing no introduction (k) (‘Kos’ without ‘k’ = -OS) after (= positional indicator) 4 down (‘disc’ = DISC-) (DISCOS),

22 Spruce (SMART-) at the top of parklands (the top of ‘parklands’ =  -P-) beside Polish (polish/refine = -HONE) (SMARTPHONE) mobile (SMARTPHONE),

24 Some brethren try (some ‘brethren try’ = RENT) to agree a bill for The House (RENT),

25 German woman (Frau) nearly (u) (‘frau’ without ‘u’ = - FRA) gets into debt (in red = IN- RED) (INFRA RED) – that doesn’t normally come to light (INFRA RED),

26 One Direction (north = -N-) consumed by jazz (= anagram indicator) dance (dance = CAN-ED) (CANNED) with pre-recorded laughter (CANNED laughter).


1 One of the younger guys in Rome in the past (Roman statesman = SENECA the Younger) is seen (seen = SENE-) upset (= anagram indicator) with accountant (-CA) (SENECA),

2 Eccentric (DAFT) angler vacates garden flat (‘angler’ vacate ‘garden flat’ = DAFT),

3 Young men (boys = BOY S-) opening cans (opening ‘cans’ = -C-) on holiday (-OUT) (BOY SCOUT) prepared to go to the jamboree (BOY SCOUT),

4 Some command is countermanded (some “command is countermanded” = DISC) by Ring (DISC),

5 Shooting star (METEOR) in remote (remote = METEOR) adaptation (= anagram indicator),

6 Narrow escapes (CLOSE CALLS) from Cork (cork/seal = CLOSE), Ring (CALL-) and the capital of Sligo (the capital of ‘Sligo’ = -S) (CLOSE CALLS),

7 Working in Sky (AERONAUT) out near a (out near a = AERONAUT) settlement (= anagram indicator),

13 With Fortune (TREASURE-) getting last two for Spurs (getting last two for ‘Spurs’ = -RS) (TREASURERS), they won’t waste the subs (TREASURERS won’t waste the subs/subscriptions),

14 A watershed without Sarah (‘a watershed’ without ‘Sarah’ = wteed = TWEED) Harris, for one, and that’s a bit woolly (Harris TWEED),

16 Coming into focus (-LOOMING) after (= positional indicator) bad start (‘bad’ start = B-) (BLOOMING) and making progress (BLOOMING),

17 Those in The House (AUDIENCE) listening to The Speaker (AUDIENCE),

19 Move overseas (EXPORT), as no longer attached (EX-) to drunk in Lisbon (-PORT drunk in Lisbon/Portugal) (EXPORT),

21 Old (O-) relatives (uncles) left (l) out (‘uncles’ without ‘l’ = -UNCES) (OUNCES) by lightweights (OUNCES),

23 It’s only small change locally (ODDS) to the backers (ODDS),

24 Called (RANG) for excerpt from Dr Strangelove (excerpt from ‘Dr Strangelove’ = RANG).