Road warrior - are you a HENRY? Connect Aviation come to Kerry, United Airlines want friendly hackers,, the Starwood Tribute Portfolio

Hotels for the higher earner Are you a Henry? The latest acronym describes "high-earning-not-rich-yet" millennials, a group targeted by Starwood for their latest brand, the Tribute Portfolio. The collection will comprise of some independently run hotels, some resorts and boutique properties. The hotels will pay Starwood a flat fee for their guest loyalty and marketing programmes. Top cities for Henrys will be London, Paris, New York, and some of the hipper cities in the United States. Improved site from UA United Airlines has released a beta version of their new site and are encouraging people to see what's new. The clean, modern site will have better options for selecting the best flights, and choosing what is most important to the traveller. Options will including wi-fi availability, connection cities, in-seat power, and a 15-day booking window. The site will work across devices and be touch-friendly. See Air miles for travel bugs To help with debugging the site, United is encouraging computer wizards to help identify problems by offering a "bug bounty". The airline will pay air miles to friendly hackers who discover security problems. Bounties include 50,000 miles for finding scripting bugs, 250,000 if you can access customer information and up to a million for major security flaws. Tourism industry forum for Kerry Kerry Airport has attracted a prestigious aviation conference to the county from June 2nd to 5th. Connect Aviation is a forum for airlines, airports, regulatory bodies, suppliers and tourism bodies. The 450 attendees will hear from experts including Ryanair's Kenny Jacobs, John Weatherill, Richard Carcaillet and Ruth Andrews. See