Road Warrior

Claiming Avios, ICAO safety conference, Hyatt Centrics, EI back on Carrickfinn

Flying BA? Get out the calculator Road warriors are going to need a crash course in algorithms to claim reward seats using British Airways Avios from April 28th. For example, "in premium economy, during off-peak periods, you will require an average of 14 per cent fewer Avios than today, except on routes within zone 4 which will require an average of seven per cent more than today to book. During peak periods, you will require an average of 33 per cent more Avios to book." Eek. Donegal gets new Aer Lingus flights Business travellers based in Donegal will now be able to fly from the airport at Carrickfinn and transfer to Aer Lingus services seamlessly with the change of operator. Aer Lingus Regional operated by Stobart Air began to fly the route from Monday. The service will operate twice a day each way. ALR replaced Logan Air who operated the service from 2011. High level safety conference The second high level safety conference in the history of the International Civil Aviation Organisation is on this week in Montreal. It will discuss safety of aircraft and preventing losses. Global tracking of aircraft and more intelligence sharing on overflying conflict zones are priorities at the conference. One recommendation is to reduce airline tracking to 15 minutes. Hyatt's new plans for the curious Do you feel that you are a modern explorer, curious, independent but time-crunched? If so, Hyatt has a new brand for you, the Hyatt Centric.

It promises to put you, the traveller, at the centre of the hotel experience with an intimate cosmopolitan vibe. First cities for Hyatt Centrics will be Paris, New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Miami. Watch the catchy video on and see if it’s you.