No time limits on certs for Covid booster vaccine under new EU travel rules

Government says anyone who has not received the digital Covid cert for their booster jab should apply for it online

Covid certificates proving the carrier has had a booster jab will be valid with no time limit from February 1st, under EU travel rules.

The new regulations limit the validity of certificates showing an original two-injection vaccine course, or one shot for the Janssen dose, to nine months, or 270 days, from the second jab.

Proof of recovery documents will be valid for six months, as they have been since the EU formally launched the digital certificate system in July of last year.

Certificates showing the holder has had a booster injection are not subject to a time limit.


The Government advises that anyone who has not received the digital cert for their booster jab should apply for it through the online self-service portal.

The Irish Travel Agents' Association welcomed the news. Chief executive Pat Dawson noted that everyone who has had their booster was eligible for the unlimited digital cert.

Paul Hackett, the association's president, noted that the rules were "pretty much the same" throughout the EU. However, he cautioned that those planning a journey should first check with their travel agent or the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Barry O'Halloran

Barry O'Halloran

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