100 new jobs for Belfast as easyJet adds capacity

Belfast International Airport welcomes move by airline to add seats to summer schedule

Belfast International Airport has announced that the low cost carrier, easyJet, plans to add a further 250,000 seats to its summer 2016 schedule which will indirectly create 100 jobs locally.

The airport said easyJet’s decision to increase its seat capacity will deliver a boost for related sectors such as aviation support, retail and supply companies which it estimates could deliver up to £1.6 million in extra wage revenue for the local economy.

Earlier this week one of its chief rivals Ryanair also outlined plans to expand its operations in Northern Ireland by increasing the number of aircraft based at Belfast International Airport (BIA) , and adding additional routes which it believes could "support 750 jobs" at the airport.

Since Ryanair announced its decision in January to re-establish a base in the North BIA said that nearly 300 jobs have been created.

BIA's business development director, Uel Hoey, said: "It's important to remember that this growth comes in advance of any Air Route Development Fund which we expect to be announced shortly.

“The fund should serve to accelerate growth and deliver links to markets not already served from Northern Ireland. While the finishing touches are being put to the Fund, the airport and our airlines are in expansion mode, growing the business, extending the route network and creating jobs.”