The Irish Times Business 2000 - 4th Edition


The Business 200 column provides information for business studies teachers andstudents on the current business climate.

It is intended to complement The Irish Times Business 2000 multimedia resource package, developed by Woodgrange Consultants, which will be sent to all secondary schools and selected third-level institutions in November. Business 2000 is published every Monday and The Irish Times on Monday is available to second level students at a special price of 35p. To order copies of The Irish Times, call freephone number 1800-798884. The website address for Business 200 is The Teachers' Support Desk at Woodgrange Consultants can be reached at (01) 6625570 or by e-mail at Companies wishing to participate in Business 2000 should contact Anna Gethings, Woodgrange Consultants at (01) 6618866; fax (01) 6618914.