Xbox One games consoles will hit shelves in November, Microsoft says

E3 preview also promises to continue support for Xbox 360


Microsoft’s next generation games console will go on sale in November, the company said, as it unveiled the planned games line-up for the Xbox One.

The company made the announcement at an event ahead of gaming expo E3, which kicks off today in Los Angeles. The console will cost €499.

The Xbox One was revealed by the tech giant last month, weeks after Sony announced its Playstation 4.

Although it gave details on the hardware, Microsoft said it was saving most of the details of the next generation games at E3, concentrating on the TV functions that would be coming to the console.

The Xbox One is intended to be a general entertainment hub as well as a games console, with a new BluRay drive and the ability to integrate with live TV.

Its Kinect motion and voice-controlled peripheral also plays a larger part in controlling the console, with improved voice recognition and a better camera that provides more precise gesture control. The camera is so sensitive it can accurately determine the heart rate of a player.

Killer Instinct
Among the exclusive titles that will come to Microsoft’s new console are Killer Instinct, Quantum Break and Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive, an open world shooter. A new Halo title is also on the cards for next year.

New franchise Ryse: Son of Rome, was also debuted at the event, along with a more open world Dead Rising follow-up.

Players will also be able to record, edit and upload game videos directly from the console and broadcast their gameplay live through a new link up with Twitch. However, the company said it still plans to support the Xbox 360, with Microsoft senior vice-president Yusuf Mehdi showing off a redesigned Xbox 360 that is slimmer and sleeker than its predecessor.

The company is also offering subscribers to its premium online service, Xbox Live Gold, two free game downloads per month over the coming weeks as Xbox One goes on sale.

Other changes to the Xbox Live service will include the introduction of real currency instead of the Microsoft Points system that users previously used to pay for games and other downloads.