Web Log: Twitter Moments - a ‘best of’ compilation

Revisit celebrity conversations, breaking civilian news events, viral memes and much, much more

I still remember that moment on Twitter where Scully and Mulder started flirting. All right, it was Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny providing us with some light entertainment but this was well before the X-Files reboot. And to think this fangirl could have missed those amazing tweets amid the thousands that flow through my timeline on a daily basis.

As Twitter becomes noisier and busier it makes sense to introduce Twitter Moments, which is essentially a “best of”. It detects and curates celebrity conversations, breaking citizen news events, viral memes and anything that might pique your interest. Think of Twitter as a vast pot of soup that Moments can reduce to a potent sauce.

For now, Irish users will have to swim through that soup because Moments is only available in the US. You’ll know it has arrived when you spot the new lightning icon – it looks rather like Harry Potter’s scar.