One in five people concerned a robot will take their job

New survey also reveals pressure on employers to do more on digital training

Chas Moloney, director of Ricoh Ireland and UK

Chas Moloney, director of Ricoh Ireland and UK


One in five people are concerned their jobs could come into competition with automated or artificial intelligence technologies, according to a survey commissioned by tech provider Ricoh Ireland.

The study also revealed that just 29 per cent of people believe schools are equipping children with the necessary skills for the digital era. Only a third felt schools have access to the range of modern technologies to help students become digitally proficient.

The survey found that confidence in Irish third-level education was higher, with 64 per cent believing graduates are digitally prepared to enter the workplace. Nevertheless, half of respondents said the Irish education system lags behind its European counterparts.

Furthermore, it showed there is pressure on employers to do more when it comes to digital training. Less than half of office workers believe their employer is doing enough to develop digital skills.

Some 41 per cent of respondents said they would leave their job for another if it offered better development opportunities in relation to digital skills. More than two-thirds were confident their employer understood the role technology can play in employee wellbeing.

Ricoh Ireland and UK director Chas Moloney said it was “no exaggeration” to say digital skills are becoming as essential as reading and writing. “Our education bodies need to reflect that in their syllabuses,” he said.