Nest Cam: security camera, baby monitor, all-round video star

New wifi streaming camera has improved night vision to keep a close watch on what you care about.


About a year ago, Nest bought Dropcam, a US-based company that made wifi streaming cameras. Now the company is bringing a new version to Europe: Nest Cam. It's got better quality video and it's been redesigned, with a magnetic base that can stick to metal, attach to a universal tripod or be mounted to a wall. You can stream video from the camera securely, and it has improved the device's night vision so it won't automatically switch to day vision if there is a sudden flash of light. If you subscribe to Nest Aware, you get extras such as access to video history, the ability to make clips and timelapses, and motion-sensitive alerts. The idea is that you monitor anything you care about – that could mean the Nest Cam is used as anything from a security camera to a baby monitor. The best bit? It's coming to Ireland.