Get smart with the Science Gallery Podcast

Weblog: Carefully crafted podcast is treat to listen to and features episodes on psychics and séances

Science Gallery Podcast: a brilliant, free podcast

Science Gallery Podcast: a brilliant, free podcast


In honour of Science Week, we take a listen to the Science Gallery Podcast, produced and presented by Shaun O’Boyle with music editing and sound design by Maurice Kelliher.

There are plenty of rough-and-ready science podcasts out there, including the esteemed Neil deGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk Radio, which is always interesting but essentially raw and uncut.

Therefore, it is a treat to listen to a carefully crafted podcast that pays as much attention to the aural aesthetics as the science contained within.

Fans of Radiolab will enjoy these short bites of science, although, arguably Radiolab can at times sound a little over-produced so O’Boyle and Kelliher hit the sweet spot. Highlights include an episode on psychics, séances and cold reading featuring an interview with Keith Barry as well as the latest episode on how memory works and how it can play tricks on us.

Episodes are not released on a regular basis but when they do it is worth the wait.