Game ball Publishers keen on new consoles

Third-party publishers are getting behind the next generation consoles, too, with Electronic Arts and Ubisoft using their pre-E3 events to reveal what they would be developing for the new devices.

Promising games that would define the new consoles, EA boss Peter Moore told attendees :“It’s truly a great year to be a gamer.”

EA debuted games running on its new Frostbite 3 and Ignite game engines that will make games more immersive and realistic, from Battlefield 4 to next generation sports games such as Fifa 14 and UFC on the new consoles.

The new engines mean more detail, more realistic graphics and more immersive games for the player.

“Engines make the hard stuff easy which allows developers to focus on innovation,” EA’s Peter Gibeau said. “As good as these games are today, they’re going to keep on getting better.”